Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Much better

So I laced up my running shoes again, this time at the gym since it was raining and I don't need to aggrivate my asthma anymore than it already is. Took my albuerol right before I left and hoped for the best. And I'm happy to report I had a much better run than Sunday's, five miles in just under an hour. I kept my pace slow between 5 and 5.2, and worked up a nice sweat. A few times during the run I could feel rails in my chest when breathing, but I couldn't cough anything up. This weekend is calling for 14 miles which I think I will be able to complete as long I keep improving.

I've been on the Bactrim for 5 days now, I'm also on my "on" month of TOBI. And I'm starting to see a slow improvement. I'm not coughing as much junk up in the morning and noticibly coughing during the day. I still don't have my voice back and my throat feels swolen but I can live with that as long as I can breathe and run.

Only 32 days left until Nov 7th!

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