Monday, August 30, 2010


I already posted my big CF update on Wednesday, but there are a few other things going on. Despite my significant rise in PFT's I still have a slight cough maybe bringing up a bit mucus 3-5 times a day. I was put on a new medication for me - Cefdinir and hopefully that will help. Dr. B also put me on Singulair at night to help with my asthma. I feel it when I'm running, I can't forget to bring my albuterol with me or I get really tight in the chest quickly. But I never feel the asthma during normal activity, which is probably why although I knew I had it I never really prioritized it. I've been on Advair for a couple of years now but was never very compliant with it. I'm really trying to be now. I keep it in the bathroom next to my toothbrush so I don't forget to take it.

The RT asked me if I wanted to try an Acapella. I said I was happy with my Vest because I know it's working for me right now so we didn't talk about it any further. I don't want to add another thing to clean to my daily regimen. But today as I was making my list of things to pack for vacation and trying to figure out how this will all fit in the car I re thunk getting an Acapella even if it is just for travel. I left a message with Dr. B about it and I have to call back on Wednesday for my culture results. I'll see what she says about getting one. This culture will also determine if I'm starting Caystom or not. I have a gut feeling I will be.

I'm going to browse around the blogs for a while now before bed. G-Night everyone.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lucky 13

Thirteen miles. Yes, THIRTEEN miles! The first 6 were strong, 7-10 were ok, and 11-13 were OUCH! By then it was run 1/2, walk 1/2. Even 30 seconds of running my legs were screaming at me. When I first started this endeavor I thought the hard part was going to be getting out of breath but it turns out I've gotten really good at controlling my breathing. And I'm working on breathing in through my nose and not my mouth, although I constantly catch myself using my mouth. No, it's not my breathing, it's the burining sensation I feel in my quads starting at mile 10.

And to think this run almost didn't happen. This morning was one of those mornings I just didn't want to get out of bed. J was up at 4:30 screaming so he came to bed with us, and I can't sleep at all with him in the bed. He kicks and squirms and I wind up sleeping on my nightstand. L woke up at 6:00, which was when I planned on getting up to leave, but I couldn't move. The boys were whining and moaning, just two unhappy campers. My Zune wouldn't turn on and I have no music yet on my IPOD. I came up with 100 excuses not to go running this morning. But deep inside I knew I couldn't let myself down. So I just got up, got dressed, got the boys breakfast ready and headed to the track. Once there I was happy I didn't give into my excuses. Didn't care how long it would take me, but I was going to finish 13 miles. And I did. And I don't even want to think that is 1/2 the distance I have to finish! OUCH!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In the 100's club!

I can't even believe it, it still hasen't sunk in. I had a clinic apointment today and drum roll please....

FVC - 5.36 (129%)
FEV1 - 3.71 (106%)

AAHHHHHH!!!! I want to scream!

I didn't really hit me how much of an improvement I have made when I was there and they showed me my results. Only now is it really hitting me! Just take a look all my PFT's from the past 4 years are listed on this page.

I've only been running for 5 months and I can't believe how much it has changed my life. After this marathon schedule is over I'm definately going to stick to running 3 days a week and swimming 2 days.

And strangely enough as much as I am celebrating my accomplishments I'm nervous about my next appointment. I don't want to dissapointmy team or myself. I think my numbers will stay high. I don't know if I'll still be in the 100's club but it feels good to know that I can get there.

I ran 5 miles at the gym prior to my appointment, time - 1hr. I think 5mph is turning out to be my long distance speed. That leaves me finishing the marathon around the 6 hr mark. I don't care... I just want to finish. I shared the news with my team mates and they were all very excited for me too.

Off to dream land now...g-night.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

That didn't go as planned

Miles - 11!!
Time 2hrs 20min

I left for my run this morning in a light drizzle. It actually felt really good to run in the rain, it was very refreshing. Nice and cool out, no blazing sun, however that also means fewer people on the track. Why is that a bad thing? you ask. Well I guess my NYC mentality comes into play in these instances. When the only people left on the track are myself and two shady looking men (and my shady I mean who runs in docker shorts and converse sneakers?) my instinct is to high tail it out of there. So at 7 miles that's what I did. Up until that point I had a really good flow going. Run 2.5, walk 1/2, run 2.5, walk 1/2.

So I drove 15 minutes to the gym. As soon as I took one step out of the car my legs were crying. This was a mistake. Never stop a run 1/2 was through. But I got on the treadmill walked 1/2, ran 1/2, walked 1/2, ran 1, walked 1/2 and so on just to get to that 11 mile mark. OUCH!! My legs were screaming at me all day. At least it's not my knee. Muscle pain usually is better by the next day, that knee pain lasted for about 3.

I won't have anyone to watch the boys tomorrow so I won't be making it to my Monday swim. So I think on Tuesday I'm going to run 3-4 miles and then hop in the pool for a 1/2hr swim. I really want to see stability if not improvement in my PFT's on Wednesday. But with this ever persist ant cough I don't know if that will be the case.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm back

I've been a bad blogger these past weeks. I just have no time to even sit in front of the computer for even 15 minutes. My house has been bombarded with family and friends, the boys have had play dates, we're planning vacation... I don't think I've had 10 minutes to myself these past two weeks.

Quick update on health...

I didn't shake that cough like I had hoped so I called Dr. W and he put me on 2wks of Levaquin. I have an apt set up for the 25th. If it's not gone by then I know he's opinion will be to start IV's. But (knock on wood) so far so good. I'm already coughing less and I don't find myself clearing my throat as much. Dr. W is a pediatric pulmonologist and is much more aggressive than Dr. B. I love Dr. B but sometimes I need the kick in the ass to get on the right track. And in my experience pediatric doctors are much more aggressive than adult doctors. But hopefully this Levaquin will do the trick. I'm also going to bring up starting Cayston at this apt.

And of corse the running...

Two Saturdays ago I did 10 miles. WoopWoop. However my knee began to hurt, I slowed it down and took as many walking breaks as I needed but the next day my knee felt like someone had smashed it with a hammer. I took off from training for 3 days, then swam and did a short run later that week. I felt fine by Sunday and did 7 miles. Yesterday and today have been CRAZY busy and I haven't gotten to the gym. But I will be there tomorrow.

I need to add hours to the day somehow without getting rid of my 8hr sleep. Some days life is just too crazy. I must get to my vest for the night. I promise not to be a stranger!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Saurdays Run
Miles - 9 (track)
Time - 2hrs

NINE miles! Wow! A year ago I never would have even imagined myself running 9 miles. I feel soooo good. I got a little later start then I would have liked, around 7:30 but luckily the temperature was around 65* when I started and there was a slight breeze. I found a good pattern that worked for me... run 2 miles, walk 1/2, run 2 miles, walk 1/2 and so on. This way my breathing didn't get too rapid and I didn't cramp up. Around mile 7-8 I started to feel tightness in my hamstring and calf, but was able to stretch it out. I don't want to over do it, I don't want any injuries or to wind up out of breath so I think I'm going to stick with this pattern for my 1/2 in two weeks. I coughed up a little junk on that run, I guess thats to be expected but I'm not too happy about it. I started TOBI so I'll see what I sound like in a week.

Sorry to cut this short but we're off to our annual twin picnic.