Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In the 100's club!

I can't even believe it, it still hasen't sunk in. I had a clinic apointment today and drum roll please....

FVC - 5.36 (129%)
FEV1 - 3.71 (106%)

AAHHHHHH!!!! I want to scream!

I didn't really hit me how much of an improvement I have made when I was there and they showed me my results. Only now is it really hitting me! Just take a look all my PFT's from the past 4 years are listed on this page.

I've only been running for 5 months and I can't believe how much it has changed my life. After this marathon schedule is over I'm definately going to stick to running 3 days a week and swimming 2 days.

And strangely enough as much as I am celebrating my accomplishments I'm nervous about my next appointment. I don't want to dissapointmy team or myself. I think my numbers will stay high. I don't know if I'll still be in the 100's club but it feels good to know that I can get there.

I ran 5 miles at the gym prior to my appointment, time - 1hr. I think 5mph is turning out to be my long distance speed. That leaves me finishing the marathon around the 6 hr mark. I don't care... I just want to finish. I shared the news with my team mates and they were all very excited for me too.

Off to dream land now...g-night.


  1. HOLY CANOLIE! That is FAB! WOOT WOOT! Seriously, keep up the good work and working out, because it is working for you. CONGRATS!

  2. What marvelous improvement!! I know we just "met" on CL but I'm thrilled to see this report.