Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm back

I've been a bad blogger these past weeks. I just have no time to even sit in front of the computer for even 15 minutes. My house has been bombarded with family and friends, the boys have had play dates, we're planning vacation... I don't think I've had 10 minutes to myself these past two weeks.

Quick update on health...

I didn't shake that cough like I had hoped so I called Dr. W and he put me on 2wks of Levaquin. I have an apt set up for the 25th. If it's not gone by then I know he's opinion will be to start IV's. But (knock on wood) so far so good. I'm already coughing less and I don't find myself clearing my throat as much. Dr. W is a pediatric pulmonologist and is much more aggressive than Dr. B. I love Dr. B but sometimes I need the kick in the ass to get on the right track. And in my experience pediatric doctors are much more aggressive than adult doctors. But hopefully this Levaquin will do the trick. I'm also going to bring up starting Cayston at this apt.

And of corse the running...

Two Saturdays ago I did 10 miles. WoopWoop. However my knee began to hurt, I slowed it down and took as many walking breaks as I needed but the next day my knee felt like someone had smashed it with a hammer. I took off from training for 3 days, then swam and did a short run later that week. I felt fine by Sunday and did 7 miles. Yesterday and today have been CRAZY busy and I haven't gotten to the gym. But I will be there tomorrow.

I need to add hours to the day somehow without getting rid of my 8hr sleep. Some days life is just too crazy. I must get to my vest for the night. I promise not to be a stranger!

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