Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kalydeco: Day 3

Woke up very dry. Dry mouth, dry nose. Didn't cough too much this morning, less than usual, but while doing HyperSal/Vest I did started to cough up junk. It was still the normal amount / color that I usually cough up when I do HS. Not blowing my nose as much as yesterday but I have a persistent post nasal drip that is causing me to constantly clear my throat that lasted all day and evening.

The boys had their swim lessons toady and I brought K in like I usually do. She is going to be a fish like her mom - she wouldn't stop jumping in the water! No fear of going underwater at all.

Today was probably the most gorgeous day we've had this year, and I would have loved to get out and run but couldn't escape the kiddos today.  Tomorrow I hope to get in my 3 miles while the boys are at school. I have to step it up to get ready for the Boomer 10K in July!

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