Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kalydeco: Day 4 & a 5k

I woke up dry again this morning and didn't cough at all. I had to clear my throat of some mucus once but it was clear / light colored. During my vest / nebs I think I only had 2-3 good productive coughs which is different for me. HyperSal usually gets me clearing a decent amount of junk from my lungs in the morning.

Grandma was here to hang out with K while I dropped the boys to pre-k and went for my first outdoor 5K run this year. The weather was amazing. I haven't run (ok maybe 1/2 ran, 1/2 walked) those hills since before K was born. But now I'm pretty confidant that I'll be ready to run the 10K in July. I had a few quick coughs on my run and could feel my asthma making my chest tighter than I would like so I think next time I’m outdoors I will use my albuterol first.

I apologize for the short posts right now. I don’t have too much free time on my hands these days with the kids and hubby’s crazy work hours. I just really want to make sure I write down all the changes I see right now. I’ll work on some more personal posts for the future.

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