Friday, July 16, 2010

I run a lonley road

Rest Day - Pool Day!

So tomorrow is my 7 mile run. It's been unbearably humid here in NY so I'm 99% sure I'll be on the treadmill tomorrow morning. I can't wait for the humidity to break. Right now I just really wish I had someone to do my weekend long runs with. I don't mind running solo on my weekday runs, they are usually during the day at the gym anyway when Grandma is able to watch the boys. But on the weekends I get pretty bored & lonely running solo. None of my friends are runners and I haven't found any running clubs up here that fit into my schedule. I even scoped out the roster for Team Boomer and no one is close to me. Coach GP mentioned having team runs a little closer to the race date but I would have to be able to make it into the city. A running partner provides motivation and support to keep going when you want to "just stop for a little bit". Being new to the sport and not yet having a true passion for it I think I really need someone to help emotionally.

I met up with a few of my mom friends at the beach this morning before it opened. It's such a beautiful way to start the day off that we all decided to meet there every Friday morning. The only problem with the beach is that to get there you have to walk down the steepest hill imaginable. Not only do I have to walk down it, but I have to get a wagon with 50lbs of children and all of our beach supplies down this hill. And while using all my strength to hold the wagon back, my children find it amusing to toss things from it. But when we finally got to the sand the boys were in their glory. J ran straight into the water, practically up to his neck, that I had to drop everything to run after him. I swear that child has no fear.

I'm off to go eat some carbs, get some sleep and see how I make out tomorrow.

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