Saturday, July 17, 2010


Miles - 7 (treadmill unfortunately)
Time - 1hr 25min 25sec
Pace - 12.1 min/mile

Wow I did it! Seven miles. Six miles running at a pace of 5.3 and one mile of walking. I was able to make it just over five miles before I needed to walk. Overall I'm pretty proud of myself. After my run I wasn't out of breath, wasn't coughing, wasn't wheezing. I felt incredible. Honestly if you had asked me back in April when I started this crazy journey I didn't think I could finish. I couldn't even run 1.5 miles without a walking break. Now I honestly think I will reach the finish line. No matter how many breaks I need I WILL finish.

This afternoon my in laws were up and we had a fantastic time playing in the pool. The water is warm enough that the boys enjoy it now. L had a blast playing Marco Polo and chasing his Uncle C and cousin D. They are getting more comfortable in the water each day. L especially has improved at going underwater. This fall and winter I'm definitely going to bring them to the gym pool at least once a week so they continue to learn how to swim.

My fundraising for the Marathon is at $225 so far. I'm still waiting on people I expect to donate. I'm going to send out letters this week to some family that aren't on the internet. I also have an idea for a fundraiser but I would really have to get me ass in gear if I'm serious about it.

Tomorrow is our Sunday family breakfast so I'm off to get a few hours sleep.

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