Monday, July 26, 2010

'Race to Cure CF'

Miles - 4
Time 40.12
Avg pace - 10 min/mile (best time)

What better reason to run? And it's no surprise that I crossed the finish line with my best personal time. The motivation, the support and the crowd were outstanding. Dr. G took off like lightning as soon as the horn blew coming in a good 5 min earlier than me. My husband, kids and Dr. G were waiting for me at the finish line cheering me on. I can't put into words the feeling that comes over you when you cross that finish line. Such a sense of personal accomplishment.

It down poured 2 hrs prior to the race, dropping the temperature a good 10 degrees but the humidity was awful. Even with two puffs of Albuterol I was feeling tight. But after the race and a bottle of water I was breathing fine again. I finished without being short of breath and without tight muscles. My little guys jumped into my arms and we enjoyed the BBQ and music. Dr. G introduced me to a few mom's of her patients who said it was great to meet someone accomplishing so much despite CF. That it gave them hope for their own children. Hearing that made me happier than finishing the race. I would love to inspire and motivate other CFers to get out and exercise.

"Every day is a prescious gift, that it why it is called the present"

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