Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cough Cough??

Didn’t make my run yesterday, super busy day visiting family. I'm feeling really tired this morning so I think I'm going to have to really push through todays run.

In non running news....Last night I met with the other board members of my multiples group. I’m going to be the president next year and we got together to set the agenda for the upcoming year. This past year I feel like nothing was done for the moms or for the kids. There was one dinner, the two parties and tag sales and that was it. I said I wanted to change that, we should have more events for everyone, so we’re having a pottery night for the moms, two craft days, an Easter egg hunt, a trip to an orchard, and a visit to MyGym for the kids. We are also going to have a photographer come to teach us the basics of photography and a CPR class. I think it’s going to be a good year.

I’m sitting here doing my vest and nebs (shake shake shake), and I’m noticing that I’m starting to cough a lot more than I have been the past few days. August is an “on” TOBI month for me. Maybe I’ll just start tomorrow and hopefully this cough will go away. One good thing about TOBI months for me is I usually do my vest 2X a day. I admit in the “off” months maybe I’ll do a night therapy three days a week. I know it’s not good practice and I should start a better habit of doing it at night everyday. But especially now, when everyone is in bed, kids and hubby, I do a little straightening up and then just want to relax and unwind for an hour with whatever I’ve DVR’d. I know I can use this time to do another therapy but honestly I don’t want to. This is the only time during the day that’s “mine”. And I don’t want to give it up to CF. That being said. I'm going to finish up here put the boys in for a nap and head to the gym.

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